NITRO AO - The most easy to use animation overrider in SL.

  • add animations by simply throwing them onto the ao!
  • no complicated configuration notecards
  • loads animations in seconds
  • organize your animations via webinterface and create different AO and Dance Sets
  • hyper advanced cloud computing technology
  • fully featured dance HUD included

The NitroAO does automaticaly recognize ANY animation you put into !
No matter where they come from, who created it or what permissions they have.


First Steps:

  • Buying the HUD at the AKEYO-STORE 

  • De-Boxing 

  • Checking the Inventory and attaching the HUD 

  • Buying animations at the Akeyo-Store (with automatic installation) 

  • Adding Animations at Home 

  • Configurate the HUD via Webinterface 

  • Creating Sets and adding Animations 

  • Using Sets and Animations In-World 

Dance Mode:

  • Creating Dance-Sets 

  • Using Dance-Sets and Animations In-World 

  • Invite others to Dance 

  • The Select-Button 

Advanced Usage:

  • Groundsit, Sit, Typing, On/Off, Minimize/Maximize 

  • Quickaccess 

Setup Mode:

  • Preview Mode 

  • Creating Sets and adding Animations 

  • Switching Animations and setting Single, Random and Sequence In-World 

  • Checking for not-recognized Animations 

  • Changing Time 

  • Changing Order 

support/bug report form:

if you have other questions or need support on the AKEYO POWER AO fill out this form: